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 Row by Row Shop Hop 2017 - June 21 - September 5
 Our row for 2017: On the Go
Our row for 2016: The Wolf Den
Our row for 2015: Bear at Schrader's Lake
2016 Dates:
Passport kickoff Aug 6
Shophop 2017 Oct 18-21
Country Roads Shop Hop 2016 - October 12-15

How it works:

Buy a passport from your participating quilt shop.  Visit all 10 shops between October 12 and 15 for special offers and to get your passport stamped.  Turn in your passport for a chance to win prizes!! Each quilt shop is making the same quilt in their own fabric, to be displayed during the shop hop. Each shop is giving away part of the pattern, so visit all 9 and you get the whole thing for free!!

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